How do you feel?

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It may be one of the most common asked questions but really, how do you feel? Honestly, I feel hurt. I don’t want to wake up and face reality, it really hurts just living life. I feel like I’m missing a staple of life. I’m desperately looking for something to fulfill that empty hole, reaching for anything near me. I’m like a drug addict, searching high and low for my supply except, I can’t find him. He’s gone forever. Sometimes I pick up my phone and call his number and all I hear is “The number you reached does not exist”. He is my drug; the only person I turn to in any circumstance. I tried keeping myself occupied with movies, facebook, and even painting but nothing can fill the huge gap that he left behind in my heart. I’ve never understood the word depressed but now, I’m living it. What can I do now? There’s nothing… I’m all alone with a huge hole inside me. Everything reminds me of him, everything kills me inside. Now, all I do is lie in my bed and cry hoping that he’ll come back. While I listen to my sad playlist on iTunes, I pray to God that we’ll be together… sometime in the future. I feel hurt…


The Bikini Blues

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Summer is right coming and I have flabs in places where you didn’t know that you can. My bones are literally hidden by the layers of fat that covers it. How am I supposed to walk in the beach without having my fat fall all over the place? It’s tough being a girl in a society that defines beautiful as Megan Fox’s body and face. For me personally, it’s impossible to have anything close to that seamless body that every man desires to see. Why do women have to face this stress of having the perfect body all the time? Honestly girls, when is the last time you ate a hearty meal? I want to be able to pig out just like my boyfriend or brother and stay slim(or get slim)!

My Darlings <3

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These cute little babies are my cousins. I play with them, bathe them, feed them, and even put them to sleep! Sometimes, they even accidently call me “mom” but I don’t mind. When I’m sad, they listen to what I have to say and torture me with kisses until I smile. They’re my frosting on my cupcake, my sugar in my espresso, my rainbow after the rain. And though sometimes I have to teach them what’s wrong and right with a straight face on, in my heart, I always want to hug them forever. Whenever I take them shopping or out to eat, I just can’t help myself from buying them a gift. My cousins may be cute and lovable on the outside, but they have numerous scars on the inside. One of their parents got divorced and she looks for her mom everyday. She always cries in the middle of the night, looking for her mom. It breaks my heart that a wonderful child like her has to go through so much pain on a daily basis. She has to live her life feeling the glares that people give her and listening to the cruel things they’ll criticize about our family. The other girl’s parents are constantly at work. She never gets to see them to the point where she has to come over my house for meals because her parents aren’t home to cook for her. However, she smiles and stays strong. I admire her beautiful positive attitude that always picks me up when I’m down. These two kids are my jewels and are very precious. I am very lucky to be in the same family as them. Babies, I love you so much. I’ll always have warm milk before bed and you’re favorite jelly bean bath wash for you.

English 10 2009-10

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English 10 F has been such an experience to me. With great classmates, teachers, books, we were all able to complete this journey. My skills in writing and reading have excelled from the beginning of the year. With tricks such as DIDLS and FANBOYS that my wonderful teacher has taught me, I feel that I have accomplished many things in the course of this year. It was hard to be depressed or even frustrated in the magical classroom of english because of the convivial but professional atmosphere that my teacher and classmates created for me. There were some books that I liked, and some books that I did not. But of course, I ended up trying my best to interpret and take in the literature. Whenever we finished reading a book, I felt a rush of accomplished feelings that made me feel proud. However, I feel that I need to work on my spelling skills as an individual student. Because of my fondness towards spell check on my computer, I never really paid much attention to my errors. For future reference, I’m going to try to write more by hand so my misspelling habits will slowly dissolve. I loved this class with my whole honest heart and Ms P(or should I say Mrs. Webster), you’ve taught me so many things that will help me in my future. I just wanted to say thank you.

My Biggest Weakness…

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My biggest weakness is that I sleep WAY too much. It soaks up all my time in the real world and takes me to my adventurous dream land. I have to wake up every morning at 4:40 am to go to church and come back at 6 and get ready for school right away. When I get to school, I have literally no energy at all. My lids feel as if they’re a hundred pounds and my will to keep them open slowly fade away. My expectations as a student, daughter, and a christian all fill my head. I want to forget my stress, worries, surroundings and thoughtlessly close my eyes. Counting sheep are no use to me because even a slight blink of an eye can put me to sleep.

This is for you BOYS!

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No man can ever understand a woman. We want the guys we like to notice us therefore we go through this long process. Guys, after reading this, be a gentleman and compliment on a girl’s make up because this is not an easy task.

1. We use lip balm so our lips don’t look flaky and unkissable

2. We put lotion on our face so it will be soft and youthful looking

3. We use something called concealer(CUN-SEAL-ER) to cover our dark circles so we don’t look dead.

4. This is a base for the eyeshadow. It’s needed because if this isn’t there, the eyeshadow is going to crease and a big gap is going to end up on the middle of our lids.

5. We put on the eyeshadow on top of the base gently

6. This is the most important part! We put on eyeliner so our eyes will look bigger and stand out more.

7. We put on mascara to make our eyelashes longer.

8. We put on highlighter to make our nose and cheekbones higher.


10. We put lip gloss on to make us look irresistible

*note: this is at least a 30 minute process

Dracula Comparison (school stuff)

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In class, we were to read an alternate version of Dracula. As you guys know, Dracula is a very dark setting however, the alternate version was surprisingly brighter than the original version. I would say it’s a processed version of Dracula. I think that though the alternate version my seem lighter, the original keeps me on the edge of my seat. When Dracula appears, I get chills up and down the back of my spine. And when I read about Reinfeld, I can’t sleep with the lights off. Isn’t that the fun of reading literature like this?